Broken Arrow, Red Dirt, Disneyland, Reality

Broken Arrow, Red Dirt, Disneyland, Reality

Ok. So, for those wonderful people who were actually following our adventures, I left you hanging…

We are home. We returned home in June and as is always the case after a vacation we were catching up until July. Then we discovered we are expecting baby No. 2!! We are very happy, and life just got away from all of us.

I wanted to finish our trip report. We had an amazing time in Sedona. We drove on Broken Arrow Trail and it was a blast. I took some cool pics, but my photography skills need work (per my hubby).
Trail Map

Broken Arrow

Broken Trail Part 2

If you are ever in Sedona, you must attempt this trail. Per my hubby it was more technically challenging than any trail we took in Moab.

After Sedona we drove to LA, in one day. We did drive through the desert and past Joshua Tree. It was hot! (shocker)

The most interesting story from this last leg of our trip happened when we arrived in LA. I had several competing issues surrounding where we would stay in LA. First, we were visiting my family and wanted to be close to them. Second, we had the expo trailer and the Disco had gas cans on the roof rack making any clearance under 8′ would not work. Lastly, we needed someplace not too expensive.

I began working on this before we left, but my hubby hates making reservations so he can be “free” in his travels. Anyone else have this to deal with while travelling?

We are Hyatt Platinum members and always stay at the Hyatt at Pinon Point in Sedona (we attempted to camp but were denied due to our noisy child – I will devote an entire post to this issue). Anyway, we had points and used them in LA. I called the hotel (Hyatt Century City) to confirm our vehicle could be parked there and was told yes. So, we arrive after a long dusty hot travel day to learn our car and trailer are not welcome! I was soooo upset and was about to pitch a fit! But my sometimes annoying husband got out of the car and found the head valet. He talked to the guy, gave him some cash and we were directed to the loading dock. Honestly, all the annoying stuff he did during the whole trip was forgotten in this one moment. This is why i married this guy – he gets things done!

We had a great time at the Hyatt – beautiful room, amazing room service, and we parked by the loading dock and felt like we were in the “Goodfella’s” movie every time we left or returned. It was great. Our trailer was secure and our family was happy that we were 5 minutes away.

I know you are wondering, how did the return trip go? Well, after 2 days of lounging in LA both my husband and I decided it would be better for everyone if I flew back to his mom’s house in Chicago and he drove back alone. So, I know – not a good overlander. But, you know what – I am glad that we both know our limitations. Plus, that was quite an ambitious first trip. Our marriage survived, we have a second baby on the way, and we are both more aware of what we can and can’t do as a family.

Next posting…Adventures in VT! We have some great overlanding stories from the summer, plus I want to discuss camping with kids again now that I have some experience.

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